Events you must attend in Malta during September and October

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events in september october

The island life is nothing short of great adventures, longlasting experiences and fond memories. In Malta, we have the ingredients for all this, the beaches, the sea, the nightlife and all the events that happen throughout the year. There are events like Earth Garden, Beerfest, Glitch Festival and others that happen in the middle of Summer. But the party is all year round, whether you are looking to come for a party event or for a cultural one you will surely find what you are looking for here.

Over here we will be discussing events that happen predominantly in the months of September and October. If you are looking to plan a vacation to Malta or just looking to find when you should take off-days from work, make sure you do some research on the type of events you would like to go because there are so many to choose from that happen throughout out summer that we will only be able to scratch the surface on what happens near the end of the season. 

Always prepare from before if you want to have the most fun, always book your off-days and make sure you have the best accommodation you can find. If you are having trouble with this ST Hotels has got you covered with Azur Hotel. Being strategically placed in Sliema for you to surely be close to anything that is happening!

Tattoo Expo

To start off with, this massive event is something to look-out for! The tattoo expo is for everyone who wants to get some ink on their body or simply just appreciates the art that comes with tattooing. A lot of local tattoo artists will gather to create one of the most sought after events of the year. You can book an appointment during the expo and get your tattoo done on display. A lot of artists also do walk-ins especially during the expo so if you have free time but did not book an appointment we suggest that you still go, they will probably accept doing walk-ins if your tattoo won’t take long.

Along with local artists, a lot of foreign artists will gather too. This is a great time to pay close attention to whos coming because your favourite artist might come or someone whose style you really like and which to get tattooed by him.

The expo is a great event where tattoo art has a place to be put on display and show its place in the world!


This is a massive event that every music lover on the island should be all ears about. Like the tattoo expo is a gathering of a lot of tattoo artists, Rockestra is a gathering of a bunch of musical artists! This is the place where each band gets to play their own music, while also throwing in some covers in the mix to keep it interesting. This is a rock concert organised by the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra with the idea to raise money for the Malta community chest fund. Many famous Maltese artists gather on stage for a night of amazing live music, while also collaborating with artists that others would probably have never collaborated before.

This years Rockestra will be on the 11th Edition and will be happening on the 28th of September and starts at around 8 pm onwards.

The Bubble

Taking place from the 16th till the 22nd of September. Their slogan is ‘A Festival of Change’ this event is a beautiful culmination of art, parties, live music and all-round great energy. The bubble celebrates contemporary music and art. The Bubble is a non-profit NGO which supports humanitarian causes, so events like ‘The Bubble’ will all be in aid of supporting these causes. They want to create a space for learning, fun, creativity, relaxation and charity.

Final Words

These are only 3 massive events that take place closer to the end of Summer, but they are massive national events not to be missed. Book your off-day, book your tickets and enjoy the culture that this island has to offer. Some of the most exciting events to be happening on the island these events are a must go!


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