Carnival in Malta

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February is filled with beautiful and joyous events that many people look forward too. We are still fresh out of the New Years and energies are running high with the New Year buzz. February holds with it the highly anticipated Carnival celebrations which Malta is known for. As well as Valentine’s day on February 14th.

Carnival week is a very highly anticipated event in Malta. This week is filled with fun, laughter, and dress-up. The islands celebrate this event throughout. From schools to University, the capital city and even the Villages in Malta, everyone hosts their own party, event big or small people look forward to anything carnival related.

St. Julians

Paceville will be truly a unique experience because all the clubs, bars and pubs will have people dressed up in weird costumes having the time of their life! This is the time where you can be free and not care. A very freeing experience. Seeing people wearing outrages outfits in clubs dancing is something which everyone must experience. Around the Paceville area there will be a plethora of parties and events which venues will hold so make sure to do some research before you go. Alternatively, clubs in Malta are free so you can freely walk in and see for yourself if you are enjoying or not. If anything, you can always move to another club.


Besides Paceville, a bulk of the people will also go to Valletta. Arguably the heart of Carnival in Malta this is where the parade takes place. A lot of families go to Valletta so their children get to see all the brightly coloured floats passing through the streets. Other than this, all the restaurants and bars will be open, so you can still go for a bit to eat or a casual drink. If you are looking to eat make sure to reserve your table from before because there will be a large number of people. Also, try and catch a taxi to go to and fro, from Valletta. The traffic situation will be rather bad and finding parking will be a problem. Public transport will also increase in frequency for the majority of the day so that is also an option.

The Valletta party is aimed more for families and children. Gozo, on the other hand, is for people of all ages over 17. The party in Nadur will take place in a large square where people will dress anything they can for the occasion. Think about it as a large legal street party. Bars will set up stalls outside and music will be blasting from evening to the early morning. A lot of Maltese who are looking to enjoy their time away from Valletta and Paceville go to Gozo. For the weekend Nadur will become heavily populated with people. Finding accommodation will be challenging enough, so if you are planning to go to Gozo make sure you start searching for accommodation from 6 months before. The urgency for accommodation is constantly increasing so always try and book from as far back as you can. The Gozo ferry will be packed but you won’t spend a long time waiting. A bit of patience will come in the way because a lot of people want to go to the Carnival in Malta.

In conclusion, Carnival in Malta is a very sought after event. The fact that it lasts a whole week is a treat. In Malta, Paceville is where to go for the club, bar and pub vibe. Valletta is more family-friendly with the parade being a spectacle. Gozo, on the other hand, is an experience but you have to preplan a bit, especially with accommodation. If you have everything in order it will be the experience of a lifetime, so make sure not to miss it! Don’t let booking your hotel in Malta be a hassle.


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