What to do this Valentines Day

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Valentines Day is a time where one can enjoy his time with his/her significant other, friends, family and loved ones. Malta offers a wide array of activities which one can do with whoever, as long as these activities are done together. Creating experiences and memories is what it’s all about. Always aim to create a memory with whoever you are experiencing this event.

Here we will be discussing some activity ideas you can do with the people you choose to surround yourself on Valentine’s day.


A classic would be to go to dinner. Valletta by night offers a plethora of restaurants where you can book from beforehand and enjoy a beautiful and intimate night with whoever. Make sure to book from before because people would be looking to reserve a table for the night. There are a lot to choose from so make sure you not what you want before booking. Other than Valletta, the Sliema Promenade and St Julians are also viable options for a beautiful dinner.

Booking a place in Fonatenella in Mdina would be a beautiful and immensely intimate event. Mdina has a certain magic to it that no other place on the island grasps. If you are able, go on a quiet stroll along with the old medieval city and end it by taking some tea and cake in Fontanella. The views mixed in with the gorgeous view and the setting will be exactly what you are looking for in Valentines Day.


Opting for a weekend break in Gozo is something which a lot of people do. Crossing the channelling and relaxing in our sister island will create the memories you are looking for. Gozo has a lot of greenery so you can go on many hikes or car rides in the countryside. Gozo is calmer and quieter than Malta so if you are looking to relax, this is the place to be. The island also has some iconic restaurants and venues to go to if you are looking to eat or enjoy a relaxing drink. In the evening try and go stargazing. Since Gozo is less populated and less built than Malta, it is easier to stargaze and find a place with no light pollution.


Everyone deserves a treat once in a while. And what better than going on Valentine’s day. Sit back relax and enjoy a nice massage. There are many professional massage therapists in Malta, and will probably have some form of discount or offer for Valentine’s day, so keep your eyes open! A couple massage is a great way to relax and bond with your partner. It is something that you do not do often and it would be a great experience to be had together.


Malta and Gozo have beautiful areas where you can have a picnic. You can go to Dingli, Bidnija, Imgarr, Marsascala, Ta’ Qali and other many places. This is an opportunity to take your event outside. To be one with nature and enjoy what the islands have to offer. How often will you have the opportunity to go on a hike and end it with a nice small meal. Make sure the weather permits this because you do not want to be caught up in the rain or horrible weather. Be sure you know where you’re going and plan your route, so you won’t waste time aimlessly walking.

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