Events to look forward this January and February 2020

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The turn of the New Year is for many a new beginning, a time to start all over again and begin afresh. This is a very exciting time, a brand New Year with a whole set of events and surprises around the corner. Here we will be the discussing the beauty of 2020 with events that will be happening in the beginning of the year. But be sure to make your own research to just in case you find something that we have missed!

New Years Celebrations

New Year in Malta is just one massive party. A lot of venues will be hosting their parties, so you will have your fair share of places to go to. If you did not book your place, or just not keen on going to parties, Paceville is packed with bars, pubs and clubs which all be having their own special night where New Years will be celebrated in a unique fashion. 

Besides Paceville, the capital city Valletta will be having a beautiful New Years celebration with fireworks and crowds of people gathering to enjoy the time together. A friendly suggestion would be to book a taxi from before. Firstly, you will probably be drinking for Nye and secondly, if you will not be drinking, there will be loads of people with cars. Traffic around densely populated areas will be horrible, instead of driving it will be less hassle to book a taxi.


Pantomimes usually start during mid-December but they ripple onto January, having a few shows after the New Year. There are many famous theatre companies which host panto. Most notably are MADC and Masquerade. These shows offer a bit of everything for everyone. They are usually targeted for families, but there are some subtle jokes that only adults will understand. This will keep every one of each age group entertained and happy while watching the performance.

There are various pantos happening around Malta if you have the chance make sure to visit the Manoel Theatre also. The theatre will host a panto and it will truly be a wonderful experience. The theatre is one of the oldest in Europe and it is a magnificent piece of architectural splendour. 

Whisky Festival 

Happening in Siggiewi on the 25th of January. This is an amazing time to try out some new Whisky and enjoy your time with family, friends and loved ones. Located in the beautiful Limestone Heritage, this is surely something not to be looked over.


During the time of January and February X-Factor will start hosting live shows. This is a great opportunity to go and view the local Maltese talent. Support your favourite artist while also listening to other guest artists appearing on the show.


Malta hosts a wide array of festivals. The festive season on the island is something truly beautiful and magical. The New Year is celebrated with immense joy. The city lights up, many streets and side streets will be filled with life, and a firework show will be happening on the grand harbour. Other than the capital city, Paceville will also be filled with teens and young adults looking to enjoy the night.

Besides the New Year, there is also X-Factor happening throughout January and the Whisky festival in Siggiewi. Not to mention the pantomimes that will be taking place in December and January. Make sure to check the reviews to go to the best one and be sure to go with your friends and family! Be sure to attend these events as they showcase the Maltese talent.

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