Cleanliness & Precaution Overview

Our guest’s wellbeing and safety has always formed an integral part of the St hotels backbone and has pushed us to continue to innovate and offer the safest setting for both guests and our staff members. St hotels promises to go even further by implementing additional hygiene and safety measures that draw on our long-standing experience and best practices throughout our 5 accommodation properties. Our promise to our guests and staff is to reassure travelers that St hotels is well prepared to welcome you back into our home

Our Promise to keep you safe!

St hotels has left no corner unturned and will not compromise our guests and staff members right to a safe and hygienic environment.

St hotels, has heavily invested in the latest technologies and has enhanced its cleaning and staff training protocols to keep our accommodation and communal areas as safe and clean as possible.

What are we doing?

We have provided adequate in-house signage to remind our guests and staff members of precautionary measures

We have provided adequate back of house signage to remind our staff members of precautionary measures

We have invested in stricter employee and guest health protocols

We have invested in additional and enhanced staff training on health & safety standards

We have invested in the latest sanitizing equipment

We have invested in the latest guest room cleaning equipment

We have invested in ECO- Lab housekeeping products

We have invested in enhancing in-house laundry protocols

We have invested fever screening equipment

We have invested in providing additional personal protective equipment to all staff members

We have invested in enhanced hotel restaurant and seating procedures

We are In line with Maltese government health and safety covid-19 operating guidelines

Standardized Protocols & Procedures

St hotels has established stringent cleaning and operational procedures to ensure the safety of our guests and staff members, such protocols have been put together by a team of in-house professionals with the guidance of the Maltese government and European commission Covid-19 safety protocol operating procedures within the Hospitality sector. Such standards are being applied throughout the St hotel group of Hotels and Apartments

General Guests Guidelines To Follow

St hotels has placed numerous in-house and back of house signage indicating health and safety guidelines. Such signage describes general practices in picture form.

We look forward to hosting you in the safest of environments