Blue Lagoon In Comino: What To Expect & How To Get There

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an image of people who swimming in the beautiful water in Comino island in Malta that shows tourism attractions to tourists who stay at ST hotels

The Blue Lagoon in the Maltese island of Comino is not one of the secret treasures of the archipelago. Its mix of cerulean and aquamarine water surrounded by picturesque hills has made this a premium tourist destination. Every year, thousands of tourists swarm to Malta for enjoying the breathtaking scenes of the lagoon. 

In this article, we will briefly break down how you can get to the island, when is the best time to visit, and of course, give you a short description of the scenic wonder that waits for you in the lagoon.

What To Expect?

The Blue Lagoon is one of the most naturally stunning locations you would find in entire Europe. It’s a sand-covered inlet that sandwiches the Cominotto Reef and the island of Comino. You might recognize the place from the 2004 Hollywood blockbuster Troy. Wolfgang Petersen shot many scenes of his iconic film here. Guy Ritchie filmed his 2002 film Swept Away here that starred Madonna.

Currently, Comino has only two permanent residents. That means almost everybody you would see here is a tourist. If you visit during the peak tourist season, which is summer, the lagoon is jam-packed with visitors between 10 AM-4 PM.  The beach has intermittent patches of sand and rock. As you can imagine, the sandy portion gets occupied quickly.

Despite the high volume of visitors and the unavoidable garbage, the beach and water are spick and span, thanks to the dedication of local authorities. Unlike a usual bay, the lagoon has a steady circulation of water running through it, which also ensures the cleanliness of the water.

How To Get There?

  • Since the lagoon is cut off from the main island, you would have to get there by a boat or a ferry. 
  • You can rent boats to the lagoon from near-by towns like Sliema or the St. Paul’s Bay. Boat owners offer several packages. If you take one of these, you can also visit the neighboring attractions. 
  • If you want to take a ferry to Comino, you can choose from the two ferry operators that offer their services in the cross that separates Cirkewwa and Comino-Comino Malta Ferries and Comino Ferry Service.

Best Time To Visit

July to August sees most of the crowd. Therefore, if you want less commotion, avoid this time of the year. If you do visit during the high-traffic period, we would recommend going to the Blue Lagoon in the afternoon. Spend the morning in Gozo, and then go to the lagoon before sunset. You won’t get the sun, but the environment is way more peaceful then.

Alternatively, you can go early to grab the best spots. If you don’t mind rising early in the morning, set off for the lagoon as early as you can. If you can reach there before 9 AM, you can anticipate a relatively secluded experience. Also, avoid weekends for obvious reasons. May-June is the best time of the year, in our opinion, to plan a visit.

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