Midnight Revelry: 6 Hotspots for Nightlife in Sliema and St. Julian’s

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Malta, in the heart of the Mediterranean, is known for its lush beaches, warm weather, and island life. 

Yet, it’s not just the sun-kissed days that define this destination; its nightlife is an equally renowned draw, enticing thousands of tourists to experience its vibrant energy firsthand.

Undoubtedly, the epicentre of Malta’s nightlife is in the famed areas of Sliema and St. Julian’s. The daytime charm of these towns seamlessly transitions into thriving hubs of nocturnal excitement, pulsating with a diverse and invigorating nightlife scene.

Naturally, covering all the island’s nightlife spots might pose a bit of a Herculean task (though, who doesn’t love a good challenge?).

This is why we’ve compiled our local’s guide to the 6 top hotspots for nightlife in Sliema and neighbouring St. Julian’s — for you to pick and choose the ones that fit your preferences!

The Strand

The Strand (Triq ix-Xatt) is central to Sliema’s day, and nightlife, bringing to life the town’s promenade with a mix of bars, restaurants, and clubs.

Here, visitors can unwind at cosy seaside lounges, listen to live music at bars and pubs, as well as indulge in tasty meals at one of the many eateries lining up the promenade. 

The Strand area offers something for everyone, making it a one-stop destination for an entire night’s entertainment, from dinner onwards. 

Whether it’s mingling with friends over drinks, dancing to lively beats, or simply enjoying the island life, The Strand is a must-visit during your trip to Malta. 

Tower Road

Tower Road, a lengthy stretch along Sliema’s coast, is home to several renowned eateries and bars, notably Surfside and Exiles, which are often synonymous with this area.

And while the area is one of the most-frequented for locals and travellers alike during the day for its rocky beaches, at night, Tower Road transforms into a lively hotspot, drawing in those seeking a fun, yet relaxed evening. 

The waterfront bars and restaurants offer an inviting ambiance, allowing patrons to unwind with drinks while enjoying picturesque views of the sea. Some establishments feature live music, adding to the magical atmosphere and providing a delightful backdrop to the night.

This is the area to go to if you’re after enjoying cocktails at chic lounges or savouring delicious meals while soaking in the coastal ambiance, accompanied by the soothing sounds of waves crashing against the shore. 

Sliema Ferries 

Sliema Ferries, a central gathering point and transport hub during the day, undergoes a fascinating transformation at night, becoming a vibrant hub of nightlife activity. 

As you venture through the Tignè Seafront, you’ll find numerous bars, restaurants, and cafes providing an inviting setting for socialising while enjoying a  glass of wine or a cocktail. 

Live music performances often fill the air, adding a harmonious layer to the lively scene. You can also enjoy incredible sea views over the harbour, making for an unforgettable experience. 


Moving further to St. Julian’s is Balluta—a charming area exuding a delightful nighttime aura, defined by its picturesque setting along the bay.

Ideal for leisurely strolls and intimate conversations, Balluta caters to those seeking a quieter yet captivating nighttime experience. The area’s chic lounges and sea-view restaurants provide a serene backdrop for those seeking relaxed gatherings. 

Balluta’s allure lies in its ability to offer a peaceful retreat while still being accessible to the vibrant energy of neighbouring St. Julian’s, appealing to visitors craving a serene yet charming evening by the sea.

Spinola Bay

Spinola Bay is a strategic, yet fascinating area in St. Julian’s. Located just outside of the bustling Paceville, it exudes a picturesque charm with its tranquil waters and vibrant promenade — with restaurants and bars overlooking the sea. This, together with its relaxed ambiance means you can enjoy a delightful meal soaking in breathtaking views of the bay.


Finally, Paceville, the renowned dynamic district in St. Julian’s which embodies Malta’s lively nightlife scene. Internationally famous for its bustling clubs, bars, and late-night entertainment, Paceville is a must-visit for partygoers.  

The area offers an exhilarating experience with a plethora of venues featuring diverse music genres, themed parties, and vibrant crowds, ensuring an unforgettable night out. 

Paceville is the ultimate party destination draws locals and tourists alike — living up to its reputation as the party capital of Malta.


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