6 Things You Can Find On Sliema Promenade while on cheap holidays to Malta

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Sliema promenade in Malta

The Maltese Islands may be small but its beauty and expectations for beautiful scenery don’t lack. Especially from the Sliema Promenade while on cheap holidays to Malta.

From North to South, the country is simply full of breathtaking sights, especially coastlines which offer panoramic views to the seas that make Malta known as the center of the Mediterranean.

One major part which makes a coastline a place to stay for tourists are the magnificent promenades that cross 1 or two villages such as the Sliema Promenade that goes from Gzira to Sliema and then ends in St. Julians.

In a promenade, one can go for a walk alone, with the family, friends or partner for some peace or fun! However, that’s not just in the case of the Sliema Promenade.

In this article, we will be giving you the 6 things you can find on Sliema promenade.

Restaurants along the Sliema Promenade

When looking for cheap holidays to Malta, it’s only normal to look for Sliema hotels with breakfast only, hence, where best to eat when walking the promenade?

Happiness is having a glass of wine while having lunch to the beautiful view of the mediterranean sea. Luckily for you, Restaurants are one of the things you can find on Sliema Promenade.

In Sliema, you can easily do that with restaurants accessible in the promenade. We will give you the best 3 along the promenade.

Charles Grech Bistro

Charles Grech was once just a tobacconist and bottle shop, however, throughout the years it evolved into a bistro. A highly reputable one too.

The menu offered covers an exhilarating breakfast, with a lunch good as the breakfast and dinner which makes you eat in style.

The bistro has a belle epoque style and offers a warm ambiance so that the customers ultimately enjoy eating and take Sliema as they should.

Little Argentina

As like its namesake, Little Argentina offers the best Argentinian meat not just in Ta’ Sliema but also in the country.

The meat is as just good as the service is. Their food will surely leave you full and energised for a walk near the promenade after.

Little Argentina offers gluten-free products on the menu.


Known for its offers and exploits during football matches, especially during the world cup or the Euro, Surfside is one of the most popular restaurants among British tourists.

The Surfside also offers the customers a 180-degree full view of the open sea surrounding the restaurant.

During the summer, a beach bar is open as well to give the customers more seats to be comfortable and enjoy the hot season as they deserve.

Bays along the Sliema Promenade

While walking the promenade from Sliema to St. Julians you will realize two particular bays that even if you are walking with your eyes closed, you can’t miss.

These bays are Balluta Bay and Spinola Bay. Found adjacent to the promenade are impressive and include a lot of bars or restaurants as well as a look to the seas.

Let us explain their story.

View of Balluta Bay in Malta


Spinola Bay

Spinola Bay is known for its romanticism and is renowned for the LOVE sign on the promenade.

For years, the LOVE sign has been an emblem for St. Julians and Spinola Bay. Tourists frequently take photos with this sign to embrace Malta when they leave.

As part of Spinola but it’s not part of the promenade you can find the Spinola Church which its structure is still traditional near the Spinola Palace and boathouses for the boats you see in the sea covering the Promenade and the bay itself.

Balluta Bay

Balluta Bay is a famous sandy beach found in St. Julians, and again, known for its romanticism.

In this bay, you can also swim and the sand is quite different from other bays in the country which makes it perfect for sunbathing, water sports and snorkeling.

So if you love summer and the things you do on a beach, especially swimming, Balluta Bay is a must go.

Amazing Graffiti

Sliema is known for the graffiti arts around the city, and some of these graffiti can be seen as you walk in the promenade.

These graffiti are legit by the government to keep the hobby alive and are available in selected locations.

Stay with us, We are walking distance away from the Sliema Promenade

We hope you like our suggestions and if you need any help let us know below. In the meantime have a look at our deluxe apartments in Malta, Sliema/Gzira areas to be exact.

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