What To Do In New Year’s Eve In Malta

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Fireworks in Malta's sky

Malta has a festive New Year’s Eve culture. Throughout the night you can enjoy concerts, enjoy fireworks, and party. Locals and tourists come out in the streets to welcome the New Year and bid goodbye to the old one, creating an unbelievably jubilant scene. Here are some of the things you can do while celebrating New Year’s Eve in Malta: 

Enjoy The Valletta Fireworks

Firework displays have a long history in Malta. For hundreds of years, Malta has resorted to pyrotechnics to celebrate its special occasions. Therefore, fireworks occupy a significant place in the New Year’s Eve celebrations in Malta, and the grandest of all shows take place in Valletta.

The Valetta fireworks attract a large crowd every year. You will see people gathering in the city’s key spots all night long to enjoy the show and celebrate the new year. Accompanied by street parties and concerts, the fireworks transform Valletta into a true carnival city on the final night of the year.

Savour A Traditional Dinner 

No celebration is complete without a feast, and the Maltese New Year’s Eve delicacies will surely blow your mind away. The Maltese Christmas and New Year’s Eve cuisine, with its mix of African, Italian, and British inspirations, tends to be a substantial meal. Imqarrun il-forn (baked macaroni), brodu tat-tiiea (chicken soup) and tiiea bil-patata il-forn (roasted chicken and potatoes) constitute the main course while qagaq tal-gase is the most popular dessert choice. 

Attend The Street Party In Floriana

The citadel of Floriana gives out a sense of gravitas when you visit it at other times of the year. It is hard to imagine that this peaceful town transforms into a party hub during New Year celebrations. The street parties in the Floriana are the liveliest gatherings you would see in the entire archipelago. Head to Floriana early in the night to absorb the joyful environment.

Party All Night At St Julians and Paceville

As the night grows older, the firecrackers will stop, the parties will get thinner, and the music will start to fade. But, if you have no intention of hitting the sack and spend the rest of the night partying, head towards St Julians and Paceville. You will find the best nightclubs in Malta in these locations, and the best part is, they never sleep! However, it would be tough getting into clubs in a New Year’s Eve night because of the extra crowd. Also, most venues host ticket-only parties on New Year Eves. So, make your reservations in advance to attend your desired events. 

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