Why Christmas In Malta Is Special?

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Malta is widely known as a summertime paradise, but it is also a fantastic place to visit in winter, particularly during the Christmas period. CNN has announced Malta the best Christmas travel destination three times over the last ten years, which should give you a hint that Christmas in Malta would be a delightful experience.

Malta is a Roman Catholic-majority country, so Christmas is undoubtedly the largest religious festival in the islands. Christmas in Malta is characterized by stunning decorations, splendid cultural events, and of course, a shopping bonanza! Here are some Christmas specialities that make the Maltese Christmas a standout affair.

The Valetta Christmas Lights

The Christmas lights in Valetta are exceptionally beautiful. You can spend the whole night roaming the streets of the Maltese capital, bewitched at the sight of its majestic Christmas light decors. The entire city lights up in glittery lights during the Holidays. From houses to roundabouts, not a single place stays out of the vibrant Christmas lights of Valetta.

The dazzling Christmas lights are far from the only attraction the UNESCO World Heritage site presents. You will hear choirs singing the carols in candle-lit churches, creating an ethereal vibe. The streets are full of life as people come out celebrating the special day. You will also see concerts and other open-air events taking place across the city.

The “Living Crib” in Ghajnsielem

Nativity scenes are a common sight in Cristian-majority nations and Malta is no exception either. Apart from the traditional clay figure arrangements, you can experience a live nativity scene if you make the trip to Gozo. The “Betlehem f’Ghajnsielem” is a 20,000 square meter exhibit where actors portray the birth of Christ in a village setting. It is a unique event that you would obviously regret missing. 

Santa’s Toy Town

You do not have to take a trip to the North Pole to see Santa’s elves finishing up their last moment preparations. Popeye’s Village, which is one of the main tourist attractions of Malta, recreates Rovanami, the village of Santa Claus, where elves are busy making toys for the kids who have been good this year. This is a must-visit location if you are travelling with your kids.

Beautiful Weather

While the rest of Europe will shiver in arctic weather, you might be blessed with sunlight and clear blue skies in Malta during Christmas. However, that is not a guarantee since Malta also gets snowy days, but it is a rarity. The average temperature during Christmas hovers between 16 to 20 degrees Celsius, which is much higher than in other parts of the continent.

A Plethora Of Christmas Markets 

Christmas never feels fulfilling without shopping for your loved ones. Even in the age of e-commerce, people gather in brick and mortar shops to discover the perfect gift. It makes really festive scenes on the streets. Apart from high-end brand products, you can also purchase many handcraft local items that will make for exquisite Christmas presents.

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