The best 5 films shot in Malta

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The best 5 films shot in Malta

Malta’s allure in movies, with its deep history and stunning beauty, captivates not just filmmakers but also travellers worldwide. This gem in the Mediterranean, with its varied landscapes and architectural marvels, serves as the perfect setting for stories across a wide range of emotions and historical periods. From ancient tales of heroism to contemporary dramas, the island’s scenery is key in bringing these stories to life on screen. 

Nestled within this cinematic haven, ST Hotels offers accommodations that appeal to movie fans and visitors looking to dive into the locations of their favourite films. With properties strategically placed in places like Sliema and Gzira, ST Hotels is ideally situated for guests eager to explore Malta’s film heritage. 

In this guide, we’re highlighting the best 5 films shot in Malta, showing how the island’s unique charm enhances each film’s story and visual appeal. Come with us as we take a closer look at Malta’s cinematic treasures, where every spot tells a story, and every stay with ST Hotels adds to your journey through film history.

Gladiator 2 (2024): Echoes of the Ancient Empire

“Gladiator 2” returns to Malta’s scenic locales to bring ancient Rome back to life, echoing the original film’s setting. Fort Ricasoli transformed into a grand arena, complete with historic architecture and an amphitheatre, showcasing the splendour of the past. 

The story unfolds fifteen years after the original, focusing on Lucius Verus’s journey to discover his roots and the political intrigue of Rome’s Praetorian Guards. Ridley Scott directs this sequel, featuring stars like Paul Mescal and Denzel Washington, promising a continuation of the epic “Gladiator” saga, with a release date of November 22, 2024.

Munich (2005): A Globe-Trotting Espionage

Steven Spielberg’s “Munich,” revolving around the 1972 Munich Olympics aftermath, highlights Malta’s unique capacity to replicate global locales. Spielberg transforms Valletta’s narrow streets into Rome and its coastlines into those of Greece and Cyprus, perfectly setting the scene for this engaging spy drama. 

Furthermore, Malta’s landscapes and historical ambience add depth, authenticity, and a rich backdrop to the movie, enhancing its themes of vengeance and peace. Spielberg’s use of Malta emphasises its role not merely as a location but as a significant element that enriches the film’s narrative and emotional impact, showcasing its appeal to filmmakers for its diverse and cinematic potential.

SISI & I (2023): Royal Intrigues Amidst Mediterranean Beauty

“SISI & I” delves into a world of royal mysteries and personal strife, set against the grandeur of Malta’s aristocratic structures and landscapes, which mirror European regal courts. The movie leverages Malta’s ability to showcase the splendour of royalty, blending architectural magnificence with the narrative’s complex layers of history and fashion. 

Furthermore, Malta’s grand landscapes serve as a canvas, reflecting the characters’ internal conflicts and the story’s royal dynamics. This setting not only enriches the film’s visual appeal but also deepens the thematic exploration of identity and power, making Malta’s heritage sites pivotal to the emotional depth of the story.

13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi (2016): A Modern Battlefield

“13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi” depicts real-life heroism and resilience, with its filming in Malta adding an extra layer of authenticity. Malta’s unique geography and structures served as convincing stand-ins for the Libyan city, offering a mix of urban landscapes and Mediterranean views that enhanced the movie’s intense storyline. The island’s historical architecture and strategic military locations provided an ideal backdrop, accurately reflecting Benghazi’s environment. 

This choice of location not only lent credibility to the portrayal of the 2012 attack but also highlighted Malta’s versatility in representing different global settings, enriching the film’s visual narrative. By leveraging Malta’s diverse and picturesque settings, the production team created a believable backdrop for the gripping events depicted, showcasing the island’s importance in the world of cinema.

The Count of Monte Cristo (2002): A Tale of Revenge and Redemption

Kevin Reynolds’ 2002 film, “The Count of Monte Cristo,” features Jim Caviezel and Guy Pearce in a narrative deeply rooted in themes of betrayal, redemption, and justice, set against the rich historical backdrop of 19th-century France, depicted through the landscapes of Malta and Ireland. 

These locations, chosen for their architectural and scenic authenticity, enrich the storytelling, bringing to life the transformation of Edmond Dantès from a wronged sailor to a nobleman on a quest for justice. The film’s adherence to Alexandre Dumas’ original work, coupled with its visual storytelling, successful blend of historical authenticity with emotional depth, and dynamic performances, underscores its appeal. 

The strategic selection of real-world settings enhances the narrative’s intensity and themes, engaging viewers in Dantès’ journey of growth, learning, and forgiveness.

Enjoy your escape in Malta at ST Hotels

These films highlight Malta’s unmatched skill in reflecting the intricate mix of human emotions and historical moments. Whether portraying ancient Rome’s majesty, acting as a hub for spy activities, or depicting royal luxuries, Malta’s sceneries and buildings significantly add to the movies’ realism and emotional impact. 

This selection of movies showcases Malta’s varied role as a film location and its contribution to storytelling. As the film industry continues to explore Malta’s cinematic capabilities, the island secures its position as a top choice for filmmakers, illustrating the importance of setting in enriching a story, and cementing its status in international cinema.

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