What is Malta Famous For?

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Malta is a small patch of land in the middle of the Mediterranean. One might wonder what such a tiny nation has to offer to foreign visitors. In reality, the archipelago is blessed with a beautiful climate, rich heritage, and vibrant culture. What is Malta famous for, you ask? We tried to answer in a nutshell.

Historic Sites

Despite being locked away by the raging tides of the Mediterranean, Malta has been home to countless civilizations for millennia. There are historic sites in the country that predates the Egyptian pyramids. The Hagar Qim temple, for example, was built more than two years before Imhotep constructed the first pyramid on the banks of the Nile.
There are other temples in Malta, which were built around the same time. UNESCO has enlisted them all in the World Heritage Site list. The capital city of Valetta, which holds no less than 300 historic establishments within its territory, is also a UN World Heritage Site. The St. John’s Cathedral, the Fort St Elmo National War Museum, and the Triton Fountain are some of the must-see landmarks in the city.

Great Weather

In the summertime, the temperature rarely climbs above 27⁰C (80.6⁰F). In winter, the temperature usually stays within 13⁰C (55.4⁰F). So, you won’t feel the sizzling heat of the summer nor the bitterness of winter when you visit Malta. The country gets 300 days of sunshine on average, so if you are looking forward to enjoying the sun, Malta should be one of the top names in your list of considerations.

Fantastic Beaches & Pristine Sea Water

One of the best things about visiting Malta is no matter where you are, you are never too far away from a coastline. Malta boasts some of the most beautiful beaches on the planet. There are tourist hotspots like the Blue Lagoon and Golden Bay Beach. If you prefer a more peaceful experience, there are isolated beaches like San Blas Bay and Ir-Rih Bay.
So, Malta is appealing to all types of beach lovers. You can take in the golden rays of the sun, unwind in the pacifying ocean breeze, and swim in the heavenly blue waters of the Mediterranean. Some beaches have spreads of sand by the sea, while some have a rocky layout. If the sea is your way to wash off your daily life fatigue, then we can 100% guarantee that Malta won’t disappoint you.

Delicious Local Cuisine

Malta can be a dream destination for foodaholics as well. Thanks to European and Arabian influences, the Maltese cuisine is pleasantly unique. The rabbit stew, which is marinated in wine, garlic, and onions, is the most popular dish in the country. You will also come across sugary delights like the Imqaret or the Qaghaq tal-Ghasel sold by street vendors. Since Malta is a group of islands, seafood is a big part of the local cuisine. Pixxispad Mimli (Grilled Swordfish), Aljotta (Fish soup), and Klamari Mimlija (Stuffed Calamari) are our best recommendations if you want to try out some Maltese seafood.


Filming Location

The scenic beauty and historic landmarks of Malta has made it an obvious choice for filming. Top Hollywood projects like Troy, Game of Thrones, and the Gladiator were filmed here.


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